How You Can Support Your Local Town

Funding to keep a community group going is incredibly difficult. 
This local lottery is how you can support your local volunteers and community groups by providing a reliable source of income without us having to panic every few ye​​​​ars about the grant money running out - and have a bit of fun doing it!

"Less than the price of a coffee each week" 
- is a common phrase these days - but it's the truth.  
And if enough local people give just a little on a regular basis, you could make a real difference. 

Not forgetting all you lovely Dewsbury lovers who have escaped to pastures new
- you can still help the old town even from far away!


Who runs the lottery?

The lottery is run by The Giant Cash Bonanza Society.  The Society was created in 2002 to raise funds for various good causes and is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (registration 28662).  There's a full legal statement on the Legal page of their site when you click to join.

Where does your money go?

All of the monies paid by you for your lottery numbers will, after the deduction of money for prizes in the Lottery and the reasonable expenses of administering it, be donated solely for the benefit of The Dewsbury Partnership.

The Dewsbury Partnership will, in turn, use the funds to support community efforts in Dewsbury and surrounding area, sponsor events in the town and pay its running costs.  This will avoid the problem of constantly struggling to bid for and win grant funding that has closed so many community groups.

For just £2 a week you can support the community efforts to create a better life in a better place for all the residents of Dewsbury and the surrounding area. 

Lillah & Non-Cash


There is an option on the subscription page for you to specify a Lillah donation.   If your number is selected then you will be advised by The Dewsbury Partnership.

You then have the option either to instruct The Dewsbury Partnership to add the prize to its own funds for community use or you can specify which local community group you would like to receive the prize.  

Whatever you choose, there will be no benefit to the participant.

Just Join as normal and mark the Lillah option on the sign up page and The Dewsbury Partnership will deal with the rest.

Non Cash Prizes

As well as the conventional cash lottery The Dewsbury Partnership will be providing non-cash prizes.

These can only be won by Dewsbury subscribers.   The prizes will change and will be an unpredictable pot luck. 

But you never know what might happen!

Non-cash prizes must be collected from a town centre location.

What happens after you join?

You will receive a unique membership card with your 10 personal lottery numbers. All lottery numbers are entered into a weekly draw. Your lottery numbers will be entered into the draw together with the lottery numbers of other supporters of The Dewsbury Partnership and the lottery numbers of the supporters of other beneficiaries.

Weekly Prizes

  • 1 x £1,000
  • 1 x £100
  • 4 x £50
  • 4 x £25
  • 20 x £10

Participation Fees

(equivalent to £2 per week)

Monthly: £8.67
Quarterly: £26.00
Half-Yearly: £52.00
Yearly: £104.00

Annual Jackpot

  • 1 x £10,000
  • 10 x £500